Northwest Teaching Laboratories

The Location

The teaching laboratories are located in the basement (Jeremy Knowles Teaching Laboratories, rooms B133, 137, 141 & 145) and on the ground floor (Undergraduate Research Laboratories in Science and Engineering, rooms 152 and 158) of the Northwest building.

The Team

Andrew Cumming

Research Assistant (Biology)

Steven Keirstead
Research Assistant (Jeremy Knowles Laboratories)

Ryan Spoering
Director of Undergraduate Laboratories in Chemistry
Lecturer in Chemistry

Alain Viel
Director of the Northwest undergraduate teaching laboratories
Director of undergraduate Research in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Zachary Zinsli
Research Assistant (Chemistry)


The Jeremy Knowles Laboratories are comprised of 4 rooms and can host the laboratory sessions of Life Sciences and Engineering courses that meet at defined times during the week. One of the teaching rooms (B145) is a food-safe room and is currently reserved for courses that have a laboratory component where food is handled, prepared and, consumed. The other 3 rooms are suitable for molecular and cellular biology laboratory exercises as well as “dry” laboratory exercise. Building codes prevent us to offer chemistry laboratory exercises in this space. The layout of the rooms was designed to maximize flexibility of use and to accommodate interdisciplinary courses during the academic year and workshops during the summer and the January term.

The Undergraduate Research Laboratories (URL) in Science and Engineering host research-based courses that require week-long student access to the research space. In general, the courses hosted in the URL are designed to give students the opportunity to experience how science is done through the practice of experimental inquiry. The URL is comprised of two research spaces, one intended primarily for biology and one for chemistry. The biology space is equipped for a wide range of projects in the fields of microbiology, neurobiology, cell and molecular biology and stem cell biology. The space includes a mammalian cell culture room. The chemistry space is equipped with state of the art fume hoods and equipment and is adapted for a wide variety of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry projects.

Contact Information

Instructors interested in learning more about the possibilities of using our teaching laboratory spaces are welcome to contact:

Alain Viel for the Jeremy Knowles Laboratories and for the URL biology space.
Ryan Spoering for the URL chemistry space.