Department Contacts

Below is a listing of the main department contacts in the Division of Science. Click the name of the department and you will be taken to each department’s administrative contact page.
Chair: Avi Loeb
Department Administrator: Peg Herlihy
Finance: Peg Herlihy
Research Administration: Peg Herlihy
Director of Laboratories: Elizabeth Lennox
Finance: Patricia Dick
Research Administration: Liz Foote
Chair: John Shaw
Director of Laboratories: Paul Kelley
Research Administration: Carolyn Jones
Human Evolutionary Biology
Chair: Dan Lieberman
Department Administrator: Margaret Lynch
Finance: Monica Oyama
Research Administration: Monica Oyama
Chair: Peter Kronheimer
Director of Administration and Finance: Irene Minder
Finance: Andrea Patino
Research Administration: Anna Kreslavskaya
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Chair: Alex Schier
Executive Director for Administration: Jessica Manning
Finance: Ronnie Mugimu
Research Administration: Nancy Hegarty (faculty), Debra Maddalena (postdocs)
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Chair: Elena Kramer 
Executive Director: Rebecca Chetham
Finance: Anna Salvato 
Research Administration: Kristen A. Pennarun 
Chair: Masahiro Morii
Director of Administration: Anne Trubia
Finance: Gerry Byrne
Research Administration: Gerry Byrne
Chair: Neil Shepherd 
Department Administrator: Karen Barkow
Finance: Karen Barkow
Research Administration: Karen Barkow
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Chair: David Scadden
Executive Director: TBD
Finance: Michelle Wong
Research Administration: Gosia Sklodowska