Student Advisory Board of Science (SABS)

SABS, whose members are selected annually by the Undergraduate Council, meets with Dean Bloxham and members of his staff each month during the academic year to offer perspective on the undergraduate experience in the sciences and suggestions and guidance for its improvement. SABS is also responsible for organizing the annual Neekeyfar Lecture Series on Science and Mathematics for Undergraduates, which brings preeminent scientists to campus for a day’s interactions and culminating lecture aimed at undergraduates. SABS is comprised of undergraduates from across the science concentrations.

The 2008-09 SABS conducted a survey of science concentrators to analyze the undergraduate experience. This report built on a previous survey and offers insight into the opportunities for undergraduate research, access to faculty and advisers, and the culture of the undergraduate research community at Harvard.

Current SABS Members:

Prerna Bhat - Class of 2016, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology 

Joshua Elkington - Class of 2015, Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Theresa Gebert - Class of 2015, Statistics and Computer Science 

Phebe Hong - Class of 2016, Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology 

Corey Husic - Class of 2017, Chemistry 

Siddhartha Jena - Class of 2016, Chemistry, Physics, and Math 

Brooke McLain - Class of 2016, Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Fatima Mirza - Class of 2015, Chemical and Physical Biology 

Vibav Mouli - Class of 2016, Neurobiology 

Meg Panetta - Class of 2017, Physics and Astrophysics 

John Pulice - Class of 2015, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology 

Justin Reynolds - Class of 2017, Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Natasha Rodgers - Class of 2015, Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Nina Shevzov-Zebrun - Class of 2016, Chemistry 

Hueyjong Shih - Class of 2018

Kruti Vora - Class of 2017, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Jackson Allen - Class of 2018

Andy Wang - Class of 2018, Neuroscience

View the SABS Memorandum 2010.