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The Division of Science, established in 2007, strives to provide faculty, students, and staff with the necessary resources to achieve excellence in scholarship and research. Comprised of 230 faculty members and 21 academic departments and units, the Division of Science has more than 1.5 million square feet of space dedicated to scientific research and teaching.

Faculty, students and staff have access to world-class research facilities, instrumentation, funding support, and a variety of workshops, seminars, and lectures. These resources are supported by the Division with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge and inspiring real-world solutions for current and future scientific challenges.




Latest News

Rules of evolution

Rules of evolution

April 14, 2014

For most people, rock-paper-scissors is a game used to settle disputes on the playground. For biologists, however, it is a powerful guide for understanding the key role mutation plays in the evolution of new — and sometimes successful — traits.

Progress on Sustainability

Progress on Sustainability

April 8, 2014

Harvard University has made significant progress in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report released today by President Drew Faust, who announced the next steps that the institution will take to meet its goal of cutting emissions 30 percent by 2016. Read more here